We are a social impact enterprise. We focus on quantitative futures, skills and job analytics, and digital solutions for a better future and a better planet. 


The world is moving towards a future marked by increasing uncertainty and disruption.


There are complex foundational shifts taking place around us in the economic, social, and technology domains. A smooth transition to the future will be a challenge for millions of people. Against the backdrop of climate change, there is a sense of urgency for all of humanity.


Unless we make informed decisions today, we cannot create a better tomorrow.  


Multiverz aims to harness digital technology solutions to help countries, organizations, and individuals to prepare for the future by systematically thinking ahead to anticipate and shape a better future.

Solutions in Development

Multiverz is currently researching technologies and developing solutions in quantitative futures and job and skill analytics in collaboration with leading academic institutions and industry partners.

Strategy Street

Multiverz is developing Strategy Street, a platform that will help high-level

decision-makers connect,

seek expert perspectives, and be briefed on topics of common interest. The app will be linked to a knowledge platform currently under development by our joint venture partner, Ecosystm, a Singaporean tech company.

Futureverz: Quantitative Futures 

Multiverz is collaborating with the International Institute of Information Technology at Hyderabad to develop a quantitative futures platform. The platform will ingest data from multiple sources to identify key drivers of change. This identification will then provide insights for scenario planning and pathways to the future.  

Jobverz: Job and Skill Analytics

Multiverz is collaborating

with the International Institute of Information Technology at Hyderabad to develop a job and skill analytics platform. This work leverages the various skill taxonomies developed by ONet in the US, the EU (European Skills and Competencies Dictionary), NESTA in the UK, SkillsFuture in Singapore, and the National Skills Development Corporation in India.

Horizons Scans

Multiverz is developing a platform for conducting horizon scans for identifying near, medium, and long-term risks and opportunities for public and private entities using distributed human intelligence. This platform will eventually be integrated with Futureverz.



Joint Venture Partner


Research Partner

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Policy Observatory

The Ecosystm Labs policy website is an open access observatory that tracks the latest digital policies, strategies, and initiatives of interest to policymakers.

The policy tracker is part of Multiverz's joint venture with Ecosystm, Transverz.

Our Thinking

Read our latest thinking on digital strategies and policies. 

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