Given the complexity of today's world, governments need expert help to make sense of the diverse trends that are shaping the future. Multiverz combines the expertise of leading companies and thought leaders with sophisticated analytics to provide policy advice to governments. Sourcing expertise from multiple sources is likely to be more valuable than procuring expertise from a single source.

Companies need to take the long view to identify opportunities and threats posed by fast-moving changes around them. Since the majority of companies are small and medium enterprises, they lack access to expertise that can help them choose alternative pathways. Multiverz offers a hybrid model of an automated AI platform combined with human expertise to provide actionable advice to such companies.

The future of work will be very different from the way jobs are performed today. Individuals will have to constantly learn new skills and traverse multiple career paths. Multiverz brings together the tools and expertise for understanding the qualifications, experience, skills, talents, interests, and potentialities of individuals. It then offers insights on alternative career paths to choose from.